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A strong and competent accounting system provides an unbreakable foundation to a growing organization. At Penders, we are an experienced team of expert accountants in Cranbourne offering you accurate business advisory services, taxation services and business planning support for: 
  • Small and medium organizations
  • High net-worth individuals
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Large organizations
  • All employees
We are licensed accounting and financial experts offering reliable and professional accounting services throughout the year.
In our vast experience of working with a diverse range of businesses, we have learnt that each business is unique and so are its accounting and taxation needs. We follow a customized approach towards every client offering them sustainable solutions for their accounting and taxation requirements. Our professional accountants in Cranbourne are dedicated to every project that they handle and aim for 100% client satisfaction and accounting accuracy. We thrive on our honesty, knowledge, skills and professionalism. We are proud to be known as the best tax accountants in Cranbourne as of 2023. We have the capabilities and expertise to offer a vast range of financial solutions for all types of organizations across Australia.

Meet Our Professional Accountant Cranbourne

Our team at Penders is strong and powerful. We have the best accountants in Cranbourne working with us and offering meticulous financial services to our clients. Our team works closely with you and provides customized solutions as per your unique business requirements. We take pride in offering tailored solutions to our clients and earn their respect as well as ensuring ultimate client satisfaction. With the ability to cater to the requirements of our clients and expertise to offer more, we constantly look forward to expanding our customer base and serving all our clients with the same professionalism.
Our team consists of highly qualified individuals and have extensive experience in all fields of accounting and taxation. We cater as a one-stop-shop for all your accounting and taxation needs. From helping you develop a business plan to handling your bookkeeping requirements, managing tax returns and filing, you can choose Penders as your certified local accountant in Cranbourne without blinking an eye. We are the irrefutable top accountants in Cranbourne for decades now and you can trust us with your money.

About us

Pender & Associates is a CPA accounting practice leading the way in providing personalized professional financial services without the cost of the large city firms. Our Principal, Tom Pender, established Pender & Associates in 1995 to help businesses and individuals manage both their taxation and business needs.
Over the years we have built a strong foundation on our core values of honesty, professionalism and integrity. We pride ourselves on our network of customer relationships built over the years solely on indisputable trust.
Our expertise, iron clad knowledge and astute business acumen has positioned our organization ahead of the competitors in all kinds of accounting services in Cranbourne. We find ourselves in a unique position where we are constantly preferred over competitors for accounting, taxation, bookkeeping and other essential financial services.
Our consistency and productivity have given us a powerful reputation among the accountants in Australia. We have earned the badge of being the best accountants in Cranbourne owing to our records in Financial planning, business advisory and bookkeeping in Cranbourne. Our team of qualified chartered accountants in Cranbourne can go through your books to offer comprehensive analysis of your financial needs and records.

Pender & Associates accounting Services in Cranbourne

Penders offers a comprehensive range of accounting services to our clients. We are a one-stop solution for your accounting and taxation needs and offer a diverse range of other financial services, including:
  • Payroll Services (Cranbourne) 
  • Financial Planning (Cranbourne) 
  • Business Advisory (Cranbourne) 
  • Accounting Services (Cranbourne) 
  • Bookkeeping (Cranbourne) 
  • Taxation (Cranbourne) 
  • Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) (Cranbourne) 
  • Personal Tax Returns (Cranbourne) 
  • Superannuation (Cranbourne) 
  • Lending solutions (Cranbourne) 

Our Services

Accounting & Book-keeping


Self-Managed Superannuation Funds SMSFs, or self-managed super funds, are a means to save for retirement. An SMSF differs from other types of funds in that its members typically also serve as trustees. This implies that the SMSF’s members manage it for their own gain and are in charge of following applicable tax and super laws. We offer the following services for SMSFs:
  • Borrowing within SMSF
  • Establishment of SMSF’s
  • Purchasing Property SMSF
  • Review of Super Performance
  • SMSF audits
  • Transferring Property to SMSF
Are SMSF worth it? The answer to this question depends on your personal retirement goals and financial circumstances. If you are someone who enjoys flexibility and control in your investments then SMSF is right for you. Here are some golden rules you can consider before you jump into a SMSF option:
  1. Do some research to check if it’s the best option for you: 
    As a trustee, you will have the sole responsibility for running the fund and ensuring that it complies with the law. It also requires time, skill and knowledge to manage your own SMSF. A licensed professional accountant can help you choose the right super fund for you.
  2. Understand the roles and responsibilities of a Trustee: 
    Every SMSF must have four or less members. All trustees are responsible for decision making and running the fund. Each one is equally responsible for complying with superannuation and taxation laws. This ensures that the fund receives the superannuation tax concessions and retains its compliance status.
  3. Sole responsibility and accountability: 
    Trustees of SMSF can hire a professional SMSF expert to manage all the financial transactions. This includes taxation returns, administration, auditing and reporting. If you are a trustee of a SMSF, you can hire an accountant or a financial advisor. But, the ultimate responsibility of the super fund lies on the trustee.
  4. It is mandatory for the super fund to comply with the Australian super fund: 
    In order to qualify as an Australian Super Fund, the fund must;
    • Have been established in Australia or the assets of the fund located in Australia
    • Comply with the management and central control test
    • Comply with the active member test
  5. Your retirement strategy should be well planned: 
    A super fund offers various options to retirement planning. Penders & Associates are the best accountants in Cranbourne that can help meet all your retirement goals with a SMSF.
  6. Plan your investment strategy and goals: 
    It is important to set up strategy in order to meet investment objectives. This strategy will also include the risk insurance needs of all members. A financial strategy also helps to choose the best investment method that will meet the financial goals of all trustees.
  7. Comply with all the investment rules: 
    A super fund is restricted in making certain investments especially with regards to borrowing and lending money using the fund assets. An expert financial advisor in Cranbourne can help you make the right decisions
  8. The sole purpose of the super fund should be met: 
    The sole purpose of a super fund is to maintain the funds and provide benefits to all members upon retirement. It is the responsibility of the trustees to ensure that the fund complies to all laws in order to avail of all taxation concessions.
  9. Separate your personal financial investments from the assets of the fund: 
    The trustees must ensure that they keep separate bank accounts for their personal assets and the super fund.
  10. Follow all the rules: 
    When setting up the fund, the deed should be made by a professional who is an expert in handling SMSFs. This deed should be regularly updated by a professional in order to keep up with changing superannuation laws. It is mandatory that the trustees comply with all operating and governing laws at all times.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is an important step in the accounting process. It involves an in-depth analysis of income, debt, saving, spending and future financial goals. If you have the skillset you may do it yourself otherwise you need the help of a professional accountant.

Planning future financial obligations is an important step in easing your worries about your family or yourself. The financial planning process is all about how you approach planning your money. Being in control of your finances is a smart way of taking control of your income, expenses and investments. The financial planning process must be customised to your company’s goals, risk tolerance and current financial needs.

Here are 6 reasons why financial planning is important:

  • It helps during inflation and increase your savings.
  • It prepares you for sudden expenses.
  • It minimizes your tax amount
  • It aids prioritising your child’s education
  • It pushes you closer towards wealth management.
Pender & Associates are experts in financial planning and have years of successful projects to our credit. Here are some of the financial planning services that we offer:
  • Advice Certificates
  • Management of investments
  • Provision of Lending / Financial
  • Retirement Planning
  • Review of Insurances
  • Wealth Creation

Lending solutions

Reduce risk to your lending operations by promptly initiating and servicing loans and leases. Penders & Associates provides professional loan processing services that lower expenses, increase revenue, help maintain focus in a highly competitive environment, and sets you up for future expansion. With the right combination of integrated technology solutions and lending services, Penders & Associates can help offer outstanding customer service. Our approach involves real-time processing and risk management that gives you more time to handle other more crucial business matters. We offer financial and lending solutions to all kinds of businesses irrespective of size. Our experience allows us to react quickly to rapidly changing markets and customer expectations. Listed below are some of the lending solutions that we offer:
  • Business/Commercial Lending.
  • Debtor Finance
  • Home Loan Finance and Refinance
  • SMSF Financing
  • Vehicle and Equipment Finance
Benefits of Lending solutions
  • Improves Customer relationship Management
  • Lending solutions help to understand customer needs and their credit-worthiness.
  • Lowers risk and regulatory exposure
  • Our systems provide integrated default management controls and risk analysis. We follow a graduated approach to secure, paperless lending, all the while streamlining reporting and regulatory compliance processes.
  • Enhances overall productivity
  • Penders & Associates assists lenders with each transaction by utilising tools that simplify manual processes and share functionality across product lines and departments.
  • Fosters business management
  • Our client-defined software components are easily configurable and offers flexible deployment choices. It enhances business processes and will help achieve organisational goals.
  • Access to funds quickly
  • It offers easy access to funds quickly. All we need is the recipient’s bank account, debit/prepaid card, email address, or phone number.
  • Possibility of digital payments
  • We accept payments through all digital channels from our clients. This aids customer experience and guarantees customer satisfaction.
  • Helps develop innovative products and services
  • It offers access to sources that provide useful consumer data on accounts, transactions, credit cards, loans, insurance, mortgages, and investments
Why is accounting important?
As entrepreneurs or business partners, we tend to use the term accounting frequently, more so during the tax season.
But, what is accounting?
The methodical and thorough documentation of a business’s financial transactions is referred to as accounting. There are numerous varieties, ranging from accounting for companies to accounting for small firms, governments, forensic, and management accounting.
Exactly why is accounting crucial?
Accounting is essential to running a business because it makes it easier to keep track of income and expenses, ensures legal compliance, and gives investors, management, and the government access to quantitative financial data that can be used to make decisions.
Your financial records produce three important financial statements.
  • The profit and loss statement, also known as the income statement
  • The balance sheet provides you with a clear view of your company’s financial situation as of a specific date.
  • The funds generated and spent over a certain time period are reported on the cash flow statement, which serves as a link between the income statement and balance sheet.
The importance of clean financial records is often undermined. Here are few reasons why you need to keep a constant check on your accounting and financial statements:

It Aids in Evaluating Business Performance :
Your small businesses or corporation’s financial situation as well as the results of operations are reflected in your financial records. In other words, they aid in your comprehension of the financial health of your company. You can compare your current data with the prior accounting records and allocate your budget effectively. You can compare your current data with the previous accounting records while keeping track of expenses, gross margin, and potential debt.
It Guarantees Regulatory Compliance :
State-by-state laws and regulations differ, but using the right accounting procedures and systems will help you make sure your company is operating within the law.
Liabilities like sales tax, VAT, income tax, and pension funds, to name a few, will be properly addressed thanks to the accounting function.
It aids in budget creation and future projections :
Your financial records will be essential in determining how well your budget and future plans turn out.
In order to maintain your operations profitable, business trends and estimates are based on previous financial data. The best way to give this financial data is through organised accounting procedures.
It facilitates the filing of financial statements :
Financial statements for businesses must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies. Listed firms must file them for direct and indirect tax filing, as well as with stock exchanges. Accounting, of course, is essential to each of these situations.

The Role of an accountant :

Why work with a CPA? Before you hire an accountant for your company, you should be aware of their three primary responsibilities:

Advisory services
The main responsibilities of an accountant are to handle your tax situation and be knowledgeable about your financial statistics. If your accountant does not actually prepare your taxes, they will act as a liaison between you and the tax CPA. This enables the accountant to assist you in making financial and commercial decisions that are well-informed. Additionally, accountants are uniquely qualified to provide guidance on spending, business growth, and insurance. In other words, insights that assist managers and business owners in reaching the best choices.

Record keeping
Accountants are in responsible of organising the accounting and bookkeeping processes for your company. A sound accounting system aids in forecasting, profitability analysis, and price setting. Accountants can assist you with managing responsibilities including monitoring expenditures and spending, forecasting trends, figuring out the breakeven point, and tracking budgets.

Auditing services
Accountants provide auditing services such as creating your company’s financial accounts from scratch or doing an audit for lending purposes. Auditors are frequently considered to be the independent accountants who evaluate the reliability and accuracy of the financial statements. These auditors frequently leave the public accounting industry and, as a result of the excellent training they acquired there, become excellent candidates to be your company’s next accountant.

What services does an accountant in Cranbourne offer?

We have a strong team that can help you with a broad range of financial and Income tax services. We also provide other accounting services that includes accounting assistance, business management, bookkeeping, general ledger review, budgeting and forecasting.

How much does it cost to hire an accountant in Cranbourne?

The average cost of an Accountant in Cranbourne is approximately $100-$232, depending on the accounting services.

How can an accountant in Cranbourne help my business?

A professional accountant can help individuals and businesses manage all their accounting responsibilities. Our team assists clients from a diverse range of industries with services like income tax planning, business management and business structuring. Consulting an expert accountant in Cranbourne during the initial stages is crucial to setting up your business.

What qualifications should I look for when hiring an accountant in Cranbourne?

A professional accountant in Cranbourne should be able to offer you the following services in a professional capacity:
  • Advisory services
  • Record keeping
  • Auditing services
Most accountants will have a license and they will hold either a CPA or CMA certification.

How often should I meet with my accountant in Cranbourne?

Depending on the growth of your business, you should have a planned schedule with your accountant. We generally recommend quarterly check-ins with your accountant. But, if your business is in an aggressive growth phase, then a monthly check-in with your accountant would work best for you.
We offer accounting consultation help for helping businesses in identifying grey areas to keep a close eye on any opportunity.

We also assist businesses with tax planning and preparation. It is very important for businesses to have a strong combination of an excellent tax plan and preparation. We are available to help companies, individuals or partnership, with great financial plans that work in the favor of our clients.

Having a handy record of your business is very important for effective management. We help you with business bookkeeping and ensure that you have your financial data at an ease to access at all times.

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