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Penders & Associates is a prominent Accountant in Dandenong, with vast experience in offering expert financial solutions. Our expertise enables us to help businesses grow financially and plan taxes wisely. Penders & Associates are renowned Tax accountants in the region for decades now. We offer financial solutions to small and medium enterprises, large corporations and high net-worth individuals in the area.
We are also experts in offering business advisory services in Dandenong. We have built strong relationships with our customers through our integrity in the way we work. We are proud to declare that we have been chosen by 100% of our customers as their certified financial planner.

Accounting services in Dandenong

Dandenong accounting services have excelled in the past few years. As local accountants in Dandenong we are considered as the most affordable financial advisor with outstanding financial services.
Our mission to develop accounting standards that bring transparency, accountability and accuracy to financial markets in Australia. We offer innovative tax solutions that are relevant to the current trends and are the go-to tax agent for many.
We also recognize that various organizations have distinct accounting demands, and we guarantee that each customer receives the best solution. Our in-house accountants are capable of providing business advisory in Dandenong with superior professional accounting services to:
  • sole proprietorships
  • limited companies and
  • partnerships

Accounting Services Dandenong

As a premier Accountant in Dandenong, we are an umbrella organization that takes care of all your accounting and Taxation needs. We approach each assignment with integrity, passion, knowledge, and professionalism. This enables us to consistently offer excellent results and maintain 100% client satisfaction. 

Accountant Dandenong

Meet Our Expert Accountant in Dandenong

We are team of affordable accountants in Dandenong. Penders & Associates introduces you to a team of specialists that are experts in the following: 

  • Book keeping (Dandenong) 
  • Financial planning (Dandenong)  
  • Payroll services (Dandenong) 
  • Personal tax returns (Dandenong) 
  • Tax accounting (Dandenong) 
  • Business advisory services (Dandenong) 
  • Small business accounting (Dandenong) 
  • A variety of commercial services (Dandenong)

We understand the importance of our financial services and its role in shaping the growth of a business. We have a large network of chartered accountants in Dandenong and financial advisors that offer professional accounting services in the area.  

We work only with experienced and professional accountants in Dandenong who are highly qualified and honest. All are top accountants are capable of: 

  • Managing and implementing accounting systems  
  • Developing company plans 
  • Assisting firms in expanding their business.  

Our team has over 150 years of combined experience in accounting, bookkeeping, and administrative services. We are known as the leading certified accountants in Dandenong and the top accountants for  Financial reporting and accounting policy.

Customer satisfaction

At Penders & Associates, we strive for complete client satisfaction at all times. We are dedicated to providing the best accounting record to all our customers. We are renowned for holding the best accounting records for: 

  • Business planning 
  • Keeping the books 
  • Filing taxation records 

We apply our core values of dedication, accurate accounting and transparency to large corporations, high net-worth individual, partnerships and proprietorships. Our approach to work is transparent and easy to understand. Maintaining excellent customer relationships is central to our financial service offering. 

Accountant in Dandenong

Penders & Associates offers a comprehensive range of accounting services to our clients. We are a one-stop solution for your accounting and taxation needs and offer you professional services. 

We also assist businesses with tax planning and preparation. It is very important for businesses to have a strong combination of an excellent tax plan and preparation. We are available to help company, individual or partnership, with great financial plans that work in the favour of our clients. 

Having a handy record of your business is very important for effective management. We help you with business bookkeeping and ensure that you have your financial data with easy access at all times. 

Why choose Accountants in Dandenong?

  • We follow all the latest accounting standards in Australia. 
  • We offer superior accountant and taxation planning. 
  • We have a large team for bookkeeping services. 
  • We offer financial advisory to manage super funds.
  • Our network of experts for estate planning is rated the best in Dandenong. 
  • We are the leading experts in personal tax returns among accounting firms in Dandenong. 
  • Our large financial network offers financial advisory in the area near you.  
  • We are affordable accountants and rated the best local accountant in Dandegong. 
  • We emerged as leaders in payroll services and tax accounting last year 
  • Leaders in SMSF  

Important dates in accounting that you should know about

  • Here are the most important dates for a business owner to remember. With a CPA from our team working with your organization, we ensure that our customers are always ahead of their deadlines. 
  • Every business entity or sole proprietorship has to submit the business activity statement to ATO every three months. These deadlines are always on the 28th of the month that ends a quarter. So, Q1 statements are due on October 28, Q2 statements are due on February 28, and so on. 
  • Every year, the last day to file business tax returns is May 15. 
  • To keep your Australian business license up to date, you must pay the correct fee to ASIC every year. The date you pay this fee depends on when you first started your business. 

What is Self-managed super fund?

A self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a private super fund that you run yourself. SMSFs are not the same as business funds or retail funds. 

When you manage your own super fund, you put the money you would usually put into a retail or industry super fund into your own SMSF. You decide how to spend and what kind of insurance to get. 

No more than six people can be in your SMSF. You are a trustee of the fund if you are a member, or you can hire a business trustee. Either way, you are in charge of the money. 

It can be nice to be in charge of your own retirement fund, but it’s a lot of work and comes with risks.  Set up your own retirement fund only if you are fully determined and have the technical knowledge.  

We at Penders & Associates have the professional capabilities to help manage SMSF. Our team of highly qualified accountants have extensive experience and understanding of the financial market to help you understand SMSFs. We offer professional guidance and expert advice to help you manage your SMSF. Call us if you are worried or anxious about your financial decisions. 

Tips for better accounting and taxation planning in Dandegong

  • Check your finances regularly and ensure all your documentation is in order. If you are worried about any paperwork or missing document, call our team. 
  • Invest in workshops, events and look for benefits that could reduce your taxes. Plan your taxes ahead to help you take advantage of these opportunities. 
  • Keep all your financial records private and confidential. Data breaches and digital threats are getting worse, so you should plan for the security and integrity of your banking information. 

What are the most common financial mistakes people make?

Getting help from accounting companies like Penders & Associates is also a great way to avoid tax-related mistakes. When you’re busy with the day-to-day tasks of building a brand, it’s easy to forget about these things. Among the mistakes we help you avoid are: 

  • Missing the deadlines for filing quarterly, Not paying enough in advance income tax, and making other mistakes with business activity accounts.
  • Even though it may seem like you need to start working on your next BAS as soon as you turn in the last one, it is important to keep up with this job. Our team can help, so you’ll never have to worry about missing the deadline. 
  • Not keeping good records of all the money, the company makes and spends. You should try to keep as much information as you can about all the money your business spends and makes. There’s just no way around keeping good records. 
  • Getting too busy and falling behind on important accounting work to the point where it’s possible to lose track of how the business is really doing. Accounting services can help you keep track of your business’s finances so you don’t lose control. 


To file your taxes in Australia you need the following: 

  • Your tax file number 
  • Your passport 
  • Your payslips: So, keep all your final payslips from each job.  If you are currently employed then you must get a PAYG payment summary from your employees after June 30th. This shows your salary and the amount of taxes paid.  
  • Expense receipts: All expense receipts should be retained.

Once you have all your documents in place, you can file your taxes before the 31st of October

Taxation for a sole proprietorship is simple. SPs do not need to file a business tax return as they are not regarded as separate business entityBusiness income is taxed along the SP’s personal income.   In fact, SPs are entitled to some tax concessions in place to foster business growth.

  • Partnerships lodge a partnership tax return while reporting the partnership’s net income. 
  • As an individual partner, you must report your share of partnership net income or loss. Any assessable income such as dividends, rental income, salary and wages.  

A partnership pays tax on the share of net partnership income it receives. Contact Penders & Associates for guidance and clarifications in filing your tax returns. 

Panders & Associates has over 150 years of combined experience in accounting, bookkeeping, and administrative services. We are known as the leading certified accountants in Dandenong and the top accountants for financial reporting, accounting policy and tax returns.

If a registered tax agent like Panders & Associates handles your tax returns, they will tell you the date. But, if you are doing it yourself, then you need to file it by 31st October.   

Generally, when a business is operated through a trust, each trustee will lodge a tax return.  Each trust beneficiary also lodges their own tax return which includes company or individual tax return.  

In case you are a beneficiary on a trust then you must mention the following: 

  • Income you receive from the trust 
  • Any assessable income like dividends, rental income, salary and wages 

All companies need to lodge a company tax return to report its taxable income, tax offsets, credits and other important financial details.  

You may lodge your company tax return online by using standard business reporting enabled software. You can also work with a registered tax agent like Panders & Associates or you may file it physically by yourself.

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